AS Spotlights Holly Anderson, Program Analyst

Articus Solutions (AS) is delighted to spotlight Holly Anderson for her continued expertise and dedication as a Program Analyst. Holly began working at AS in 2011 and has helped maintain a stable work environment. In her current position, Holly’s everyday tasks include setting up and maintaining SharePoint program sites, reviewing timesheets in Deltek, reviewing program and sub-invoices, and keeping track of deliverables and government properties. However, her favorite part of her job is “helping the PMs with their programs in SharePoint.” Her role is pivotal in ensuring that the behind-the-scenes work is completed thoroughly. Holly is a huge part of what makes our company operate efficiently, and AS is very grateful to have Holly’s expertise on our team.

When asked what she was proud of achieving, she expressed that it was setting up all the program SharePoint sites for multiple Chenega corporations.

When she’s not in the office, Holly is an animal lover who enjoys going into the cold South Dakota weather to spend time at the lake with her dogs. Holly looks at her parent’s fantastic work ethic as motivation and describes herself as self-reliant and funny.

Inside of work, Holly brings the vigor and prowess needed to provide and maintain a professional interface experience at AS. AS appreciates your commitment to excellence. Thank you, Holly!