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Bringing Silicon Valley Solutions to the DoD

Modernization requires more than merely adopting new tools and technologies; it requires a COMPLETE culture shift.

As DoD customers seek to modernize their activities, there is a growing need for service providers who can offer holistic services that encompass all aspects of the modernization process, from tools and technologies, environments and methodologies, to culture and vision.

CAS unifies all these aspects into a single turn-key service, which we are calling Modernization as a Service (MaaS).


The MaaS Effect

MaaS shifts the burden of modernization to CAS, allowing our customers to focus exclusively on mission and results. Such an approach not only streamlines the modernization process, but it saves valuable time and resources by freeing our customers from the challenge of designing and implementing a fully modernized program.

As subject matter experts, our MaaS team works side by side with our customers to understand their mission, their culture, and their challenges, and then present, implement, and execute modernized solutions to help our customers achieve their goals.


Modern spaces for modern missions. Our customized, fully managed, environments are centered around agile, DevOps operations and customized specifically for DoD needs, allowing our customers to pursue their mission in a space designed to promote collaboration and inspire innovation.



Modern problems require modern solutions and modern methods. MaaS provides consulting and teaching in the latest and most effective development methodologies currently in practice including agile, DevOps, paired programming, and lean.


With the rapid pace of technological innovation, identifying the latest or best technologies to enable a mission can be complicated. With MaaS, CAS subject matter experts identify and implement the perfect compliant tech to achieve the mission, from cloud services to hardware and software innovations, allowing our customers to focus on development and production.



With MaaS, CAS Cloud Engineers work side-by-side with our DoD partners to understand their mission/requirements and recommend, implement, and manage customized cloud solutions, enabling our customers to focus on development.

Network and IT

Fast. Flexible. Stable. Secure.

CAS works with our customers to create and manage fully customized NIST and DISA compliant networks that are completely secure, reliable, and able to provide the speed necessary to support a fully functional DevOps environment.


Software and Tools

With MaaS, CAS Software Engineers partner with our customers to discover, define, procure, and manage the software and tech tools necessary to achieve their mission. From modernized VTC solutions, the latest collaborative and coding software, to experimental development environments, we ensure our customers have what they need to accomplish their goals.


With MaaS, CAS provides a roadmap for defining culture as it is best suited to each customer with commonality among concepts. We help our customers engage with a new population of software teams who, in large part, will not have DoD experience. Through careful planning and expositional leadership customers will be a be able to leverage these cultural touchstones to increase and maintain output, attract top talent, and ensure happy members and happier downstream customers.



From physical security to operational and cyber security, our engineers and SMEs work alongside our DoD customers to ensure that they modernize in a secure way.


As a partner in modernization, CAS works closely and collaboratively with our DoD partners, providing them with a fount of Industry knowledge to help ensure that they constantly evolve and grow to remain on the cutting edge of technological progress.


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