AS Spotlights Joseph Malizia for his Incredible Work

Articus Solutions (AS) wants to spotlight Joseph Malizia, Jr., a Senior Management Advisor, on one of their contracts. Joseph recently received kudos from a customer for all of his hard work.

Joseph leads a team of nine employees to plan, coordinate, synchronize, and execute readiness activities for the customer to ensure the workforce can continue through any disruption. Joseph and his team do this while prioritizing the safety of the workforce and their families. The team specializes in strategy development, program management, exercise design, performance improvement, and policy development. They pride themselves on providing excellent customer service and prioritize customer relations.

His team had two fairly notable accomplishments over the last year. First, they finalized the Agency’s Strategic Action Plan for Operational Readiness, which will change how the Agency organizes, trains, and resources for readiness activities. Second, they planned and executed Eagle Horizon 2023, a mandatory continuity exercise for all federal Departments and Agencies. This year’s exercise challenged the Agency to conduct distributed operations, operationalizing global capabilities to respond to both domestic and international crises. Joseph and his team are excited about these contributions and look forward to the next challenge.

Joseph’s favorite part about his job is working with his colleagues. They have a superb team of professional problem-solvers empowered to exercise disciplined initiatives to improve readiness procedures. Their high trust in one another enables the team to enjoy each other’s company and make work fun!

After a long work day, Joseph likes to sit with his family and hear about their day. He also likes to cook a nice dinner, cut the grass, or catch up on the latest Stephen King novel when he has the energy. But most nights, he will crash on the couch and fall asleep watching TV with his wife, Dana.

His most significant influences in life are his parents. Joseph said that he got his work ethic from his father, who—for a while—worked five jobs at once during the 1990s. He describes himself as positive, supportive, and optimistic and states that he gets his compassion, empathy, and love for others from his mother, who led by example. “I try to live up to God’s will and the golden rule of treating others like you would want to be treated,” said Joseph.

Thank you so much, Joseph, for all that you do! We are so happy to have you on the Articus team!