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From Information
to Insight.

Information is only as powerful as the understanding that comes with it, and the ability to act effectively is dependent upon it. We provide a comprehensive analytics portfolio that integrates data science, aggregation, and storage as well as offering multimedia and graphic design support to effectively articulate your organization’s actionable insights.

“Our cloud-native architectures enable us to provide extreme performance while keeping operational costs to a minimum. Our solutions are designed to serve the needs of tomorrow’s data-driven decision makers, allowing them to focus on what matters most – the data.”

Tim Starling
COO, Precocity

Our expertise. Our client’s message.

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US Army soldier in universal camouflage uniform.
U.S. Department of the Air Force

The facilities management services MIOS offers are a critical part of the U.S. Air Force.

U.S. Department of the Army

MIOS assisted the U.S. Army with rapid prototyping of a C4ISR-based defense system.

U.S. Department of the Navy

See how MIOS helped the U.S. Navy stay connected with software integration services.

Military Spouse Employment Partnership

MIOS is proud to support military families by employing military spouses around the world.

Man creating statistics in modern office. He working on digital devices while sitting at table and turning back to camera
Past Performance

Here are just a few standout case studies and stats we’re proud to present. Because in the end, if it doesn’t drive results, it doesn’t really matter.

EPA e-Manifest

MIOS provides an integrated data analytics tool supporting the EPA in the area of digital transformation and workflow automation. CABS provides up-to-the-minute reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on all aspects of operations, providing detailed metrics and capturing actual benchmarking data for the program.

Full Systems Engineering

MIOS provides full systems engineering and development for the modernization of legacy applications including assessing and validating requirements as well as design, development, testing, implementation, migration, deployment, and sustainment.

National Guard Bureau

MIOS provides Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Intelligence Analysis and Reporting for the National Guard Bureau. We collect and review published intelligence provided by U.S. and foreign partners and produce reports based on this intelligence.

MIOS Companies

The MIOS companies share services as well as providing unique offerings all their own. Here’s our expert team for Advanced Analytics.


Chenega Analytic Business Solutions

Chenega Analytic Business Solutions (CABS) provides federal agencies and commercial customers trusted insights in Records and Information Management, Administrative Solutions, Information Technology, Engineering, and Training. Formed in 2017 to serve federal and commercial customers, CABS is 8(a) certified and has grown quickly into a leader in the federal IT and Training environment.

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