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Interactive Course Development,
Instructional Design & Delivery, and Multimedia

Advanced Training
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Much like the agencies we work with, our classrooms are available all around the globe through the use of online distributed learning. We are actively working with clients to design, develop, and produce eLearning solutions for federal and commercial training and professional development initiatives.

In order to transform the user’s skills and understanding of complex topics, MIOS works in concert with subject matter experts to identify, collect, and thoughtfully deliver content in ways that excite and engage the target audience. In addition, we facilitate interactive course development in such a way that uses media-rich content to enhance a user’s knowledge and contribute to the overall organizational mission.


“At Chenega our goal is clear: deliver superior value to the customer. Our instructor support and training events go above and beyond specific customer requirements – expanding training achievement, learning environments, and focusing on our motto of “mission first,” in all that we do.”

Matt Markley

President, Astraeus Operations

Proven Performance

Here are just a few standout case studies and stats we’re proud to present. Because in the end, if it doesn’t drive results, it doesn’t really matter.

Mobile Training Suite

MIOS provides support to the United States Marine Corps Mobile Training Suite (MTS), providing MTS kit assembly, procurement, inventory, labeling, system and software integration and testing/delivery, in support of the U.S. Marine Corps training missions.

Air Force Air Education and Training Command

MIOS provides English language and military acculturation, and discipline training for Air Force cadets at the Air Force Air Education and Training Command.

Language Services – U.S. Air Force

MIOS provides USG-approved military acculturation and discipline training for international students to improve military bearing. This includes learning library/media lab operations to augment ELT course material with military, aviation, and maintenance terminology to enhance the learners’ ability to understand follow-on operational and technical training terminology.

MIOS Companies

The MIOS companies share services as well as providing unique offerings all their own. Here’s our expert team for Training & eLearning.

Astraeus Operations

Astraeus Operations is a new wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chenega Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC). We are a small business with large business capabilities due to our shared-services Program Management Office (PMO) structure. Astraeus offers forward-thinking training, maintenance, and operations solutions for federal and DOD customers.

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Chenega Analytic Business Solutions

Chenega Analytic Business Solutions (CABS) provides federal agencies and commercial customers trusted insights in Records and Information Management, Administrative Solutions, Information Technology, Engineering, and Training. Formed in 2017 to serve federal and commercial customers, CABS is 8(a) certified and has grown quickly into a leader in the federal IT and Training environment.

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Chenega Applied Solutions

For the better part of a decade, Chenega Applied Solutions (CAS) has served federal agencies and the DOD as trusted advisors. Formed in 2012, Chenega Applied Solutions has evolved into a global professional services integrator that employs hundreds of people at locations across the globe.

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Chenega Logistics

For over a dozen years Chenega Logistics (CL) has provided federal agencies, the DOD, and commercial customers intelligent innovations for their program requirements. Today, CL has evolved into a global network integrator that possesses dozens of operations on three continents.

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Chenega Systems

Chenega Systems (CS) provides federal agencies empowered solutions in Cybersecurity and Data Visualization. Our Subject Matter Experts offer decades of experience working in the federal marketplace and the data visualization environment.

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Chenega Technical Innovations

For nearly a decade, Chenega Technical Innovations (CTI) has been an industry leader in the federal small business marketplace, providing agencies and commercial customers tomorrow’s solutions in Integration and IT. Today, CTI possesses hundreds of employees and dozens of operations, integrating federal and DOD programs and capabilities around the world.

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Kapsuun Group

Kapsuun Group (KG) provides federal agencies and the DOD with a customer-focused partner that has quickly become one of the established industry leaders in software engineering and intelligence operations. Mission success and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities.

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