CABS President Becomes First Guest on DC Local Leaders Podcast

Sonia Munda, President of Chenega Analytic Business Solutions (CABS), was recently the first-ever guest on Transwestern’s DC Local Leaders Podcast, titled “Be a Risk Seeker.” In this podcast, Sonia shared her experience as the first female President of a Chenega MIOS subsidiary, and discussed her risk-taking philosophy and how she developed an attitude of leaning into fear as she worked her way up from being an accountant to President.

Sonia talked about learning the difference between “fitting in” and “belonging.” When stepping into a new role, many people fear not fitting in, however, Sonia climbed her way to her current success through that exact fear. Sonia identified in a different type of “mold” than the other leaders at the time. She didn’t use this as a disadvantage, but instead, took this “not fitting in” and leveraged it to build her own brand within the company, so that even though she filled a different mold, Sonia and her colleagues knew that she belonged.

Sonia has since grown into an amazing leader and mentor for other women looking to follow in her footsteps. To learn more about being a risk seeker and how to advance your career by not only facing fears but by welcoming them, give the podcast a listen here.