CABS Showcases Dawn Giddings for her Outstanding Work Performance

Chenega Analytic Business Solutions (CABS) is thrilled to recognize Dawn Giddings and her exemplary work in such a short time here at Chenega. Dawn was hired in April 2023 as a Records and Privacy Analyst and has proved to be a charitable addition since. Dawn’s day-to-day tasks include analyzing, tracking, updating, and completing privacy documents on the customer’s systems. Aside from her everyday responsibilities, Dawn’s favorite part of her job is completing a project from start to finish. Her greatest accomplishment is creating a master spreadsheet that encompasses the data needed for the privacy program. Since her first day, Dawn has continued to reach new heights and continues to prove that she is the loving and loyal hard worker that she is described to be.

Outside of work, Dawn loves to sit outside on her front porch, enjoying the fresh air and looking at the beautiful mountains surrounding her house.

Dawn’s motivation is her parents, stating, “[They] instilled hard work and dedication in me my whole life. Their being proud of me and how hard of a worker I am has motivated me throughout my career.”

Although Dawn is a relatively new addition to the team, she has continued to carry herself and her craft like a world-class veteran. On behalf of Chenega, we want you to know that we appreciate your professionalism and dedication to your position. Thank you, Dawn!