CABS Spotlights GTMO Plant Technician Dommonic Thigpen

Dommonic Thigpen, an Outside Plant Technician for Chenega Analytic Business Solutions (CABS) currently supporting their Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (GTMO) Telecommunications contract, was recently recognized for being an essential asset to their team.

His Program Manager, Jessica Wilson, has been proud of Dommonic’s work ethic since his start date a year ago; “Our team has been impressed with Dommonic’s ability to remain focused on the task at hand while being responsive to our customer’s questions and concerns. I appreciate him helping others while performing his daily duties. He has been such a hardworking team player.”

In Dommonic’s reply to being recognized by his team, he responded with a sense of eagerness. The eagerness stems from his aspirations to continue to grow professionally within the CABS team; “I enjoy my job and all the duties I perform. My daily duties include locating and creating fiber paths, troubleshooting telephone lines, creating copper cable paths, pole shifts, area cable removal, and GTMO communications. My favorite part of it all is splicing fiber optics! I’ve learned so much throughout my time with the CABS team thus far. The biggest valuable lesson I learned this year was how to communicate with other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who know other aspects that I don’t. Some SMEs can be very tech-savvy, and others might take other approaches. Overall, I’m very happy I’ve found a team that has allowed me to grow professionally. One of my future employment goals moving forward is to stay hopeful that one day I’ll become the site’s Project Manager!”

The CABS team is incredibly grateful to have Dommonic on their team. They look forward to following and encouraging his career growth. Thank you, Dommonic, for your tremendous efforts and dedication!