CARS President Torie Williams Gives Chenega MIOS HQ a Lesson in Leadership

Leadership at Chenega MIOS is about more than just being a boss or manager, it’s about the way you carry yourself and the work you do. President of Chenega Agile Real-time Solutions (CARS) believes that it is the responsibility of an organization’s leader to mentor the individuals that work around them and help them develop and grow in their respective positions.

Torie took time out of his busy schedule to host a lunch for all members of the Chenega MIOS staff to share his insights on what it means to be a leader in the workplace. The information was tailored to fit for both senior-level employees and young professionals that may need guidance as they begin their journey in their Chenega career and beyond.

“I decided to host the presentation because I’ve benefited from great leadership and mentorship in my personal and professional life. I believe I have a responsibility to help people because I’ve been helped throughout my life,” Williams said.

When asked about what he hoped participants would take away from the presentation, Williams responded, “My primary objective for the Performance, Image, and Exposure (P.I.E.) session was to get each person to take an introspective look at their personal lives and professional careers to determine if they’ve been missing opportunities to thrive.” Williams continued, “I wanted them to evaluate if they were overlooking opportunities for growth, advancement, and help from others due to a distorted perspective.”

Overall, the presentation was an overwhelming success and met with positive feedback throughout the MIOS Headquarters. “He was able to put things into perspective and made me think what my next steps should be to grow my career within Chenega,” said NJVC Operations Analyst, Brandon Valus “I’m eager to see what Torie has in store for us moving forward.”

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