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CARS Wins Breakthrough Contract With The DOJ

CARS Wins Breakthrough Contract with the DOJ

Chenega Agile Real-Time Solutions (CARS) recently won an exciting contract providing the US Department of Justice (DOJ) with Spanish Translating Support.

CARS will provide Spanish translation support for the DOJ International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) Operations and Command Center’s Translation Program at the INTERPOL Washington – US National Central Bureau (USNCB). The Washington USNCB acts as the representative for the United States to the INTERPOL on behalf of the Attorney General. As one might expect, correct communication and translation is vital for international relations, so providing accurate support is no small task.

The Translator Specialist(s) will serve as an expert in the translation of Spanish and will translate all incoming Spanish messages as well as, the translation of outgoing English messages, notices, and diffusions into Spanish as needed. The Translation Specialist(s) may also be requested to translate other materials deemed mission-critical. INTERPOL Washington translates over 3,000 bilateral requests that come into INTERPOL Washington in languages other than English. The translator’s job is to disseminate the intelligence and information to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and respond appropriately.

CARS looks forward to supporting the DOJ, ensuring international messages are expressed in a timely and accurate manner.


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