CDAS Awarded Postal OCONUS Award

CDAS Awarded Postal OCONUS Award

On September 17, 2021, Air Combat Command awarded Chenega Defense & Aerospace Solutions (CDAS) the Ninth Air Force, Air Forces Central Command Postal Operations project. CDAS will serve as the postal operations contractor providing postal services for several Air Force Military Post Offices (MPO) in the respective area of responsibility. The objective is to minimize the strain on the Air Force by providing qualified personnel to support the MPOs to offer greater continuity and predictable postal operations support to the warfighter.

CDAS is committed to providing subject matter expertise that serves mission support operations. Our full range of mission support capabilities encompasses strategic services that allow the warfighter to serve our nation.

About Air Combat Command

Air Combat Command (ACC) is the primary provider of combat airpower to America’s warfighting commands. They support the global implementation of national security strategy used by combatant commander, while providing reliable global vigilance, reach, and power. ACC ensures vital air defense forces for vital peacetime air sovereignty.

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