CDAS Force Support Squadron Team Awarded Multiple Recognition Awards

Pictured from left to right are Braxton Jones, Randy Garcia, Ahmed Sugal, Stanley Walker, and Andrew Gonzalez.

The Chenega Defense & Aerospace Solutions (CDAS) Force Support Squadron team located in Jordan recently won two team recognition awards for their extraordinary workforce practices: the United States Air Force 332 Air Expeditionary Wing Team and the 332 Expeditionary Force Support Squadron Team award. The first award won featured 21 different command unit competitors in Jordan supporting the Air Force 322 Air Expeditionary Wind Command. CDAS was proud to come out on top through their extraordinary practices. As if that wasn’t already an incredible accomplishment, the second award had almost 6x the amount of competition than the first with over 125 different unit commands being considered. The winner competed with five past winning teams within the Area of Responsibility (AOR), consisting of several locations: Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), also supporting the 332 Expeditionary Wing Command.

Site lead, Randy Garcia, spoke about the importance these awards had on employee morale; “The important takeaway of winning these awards was that our team was able to see their hard work pay off. We couldn’t be successful if we didn’t have each other to rely on. I want to thank: COPE Ahmed Sugal; Financial Clerks Stanley Walker and Andres Gonzales; Postal Clerk Braxton Jones; and Military Postmaster TSGT Kaela Roberts. Without their undeniable support and ability to handle challenging situations, our team wouldn’t exist.”

The CDAS team would like to thank their Force Support Squadron overseas. Thank you for your indisputable work ethic and dedication to the mission.