CDAS Showcases Andrew Herrera for his World-Class Work Performance and Customer Service

Chenega Defense and Aerospace Solutions (CDAS) wants to highlight Andrew Herrera and his outstanding work performance and teamwork. Since being hired in 2022 as a Postal Clerk, Andrew has used his expertise and dedication to his craft to uplift others and exceed the expectations set before him. Site Lead Wanda Grice stated, “Andrew is a reliable member of this Ali Al Salem Air Base (ASAB), Kuwait postal team, and we appreciate his work ethic, loyalty, determination, and eagerness to succeed. He personifies the strength of what CDAS’ core value looks like. Positive, Professional, and Perseverance. Andrew can work in all areas of the Ali Al Salem Post Office, including but not limited to Finance, Operations, Supply, Redirect, Nesting, and Mail calls.” Andrew’s daily duties consist of processing over 400,000 pounds of Retrograde and Prograde mail for the Military, Coalitions, Department of Defense, Department of State, and Contractors, all while following all the rules, regulations, and guidelines of the DoD 4525.6-M, Postal Standard Operating Procedures, and U.S. Air Forces Central Command (USAFCENT) policies. Andrew stated that his favorite part of the job is “helping out customers, knowing that customers leave the post office satisfied with the service that I provided, whether it was just helping them carry their boxes/foot lockers, inspecting their boxes, scanning and giving them their Firm Delivery Receipt (PS Form 3883), or just having a small conversation.” Andrew stated, “I am proud of organizing the supply conex/container and my workspace. I am also most proud of gaining self-confidence through interacting with customers, and I was able to improve my health through exercise and a healthier diet.” With so much responsibility and guidelines to adhere to, Andrew makes it a priority to make the customer feel like they are the priority. With this attitude, it’s no surprise why he is held in high regard by his team.

Outside of work, Andrew enjoys playing video games online, reading manga, going for a walk, relaxing at home, and playing racquetball. His wife is his motivator, encouraging him to do a great job. His family describes him as a quiet person, a loving husband, and a dedicated worker.

“Andrew is constantly rising to the occasion, no matter the situation! His dedication to his work and others has given him the knowledge to be a successful Postal Clerk with integrity and self-assurance. Thank you for your unwavering dedication to the team, to the Site Lead, and to the company. It definitely doesn’t go unnoticed,” says Site Lead, Wanda Grice. Thank you, Andrew!