CDAS Showcases Ronald Bundy for his Immense Impact on his Team

Chenega Defense and Aerospace Solutions (CDAS) is pleased to honor one of its newer employees, Ronald Bundy, for his outstanding performance and for already making an impact on his team in a short period of time. Ronald was hired as a Postal Clerk at the end of 2022 and helped his team finish daily objectives efficiently and effectively. Ronald has progressed within his role at an elite level, and his coworkers have taken notice. Ronald recently received kudos from a customer over at the US Air Force Postal Service Center, stating, “The professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of Mr. Bundy ensured all records of accountability were expertly maintained while adhering to all USPS/DOD regulations.” In addition to maintaining records, Ronald is also tasked with providing customer service to assist patrons with their needs. He has also “prepared dispatch receipt documents and maintained strict accountability for over 28,500 tallied and tracked mail pieces. He assisted in the safe and expeditious processing of over 268,000 pounds of incoming and outgoing correspondence at all times.” Ronald has ensured that holiday letters, gifts, and packages were safely delivered to their destinations on-time to over 1,800 men and women who serve in uniform and to civilians. Site Lead Randy Garcia stated, “This devotion, exceptional customer care, and attention to detail greatly enhanced unit morale throughout the Muwaffaq, Salti Air Force Base (MSAB) area. Mr. Bundy’s exceptional workplace knowledge, determination, professionalism, and attention to detail positively impacted the holiday mailing season’s success and its ripple effect on the staff’s morale, contributing to a positive workplace and a contented workforce.” Ronald’s funny, respectful, and caring demeanor has helped improve company morale and has helped him stand out from his peers with his dedication to the lives of others in his work. Ronald is a critical member of his team, and CDAS appreciates his hard work and efforts since his hire date.

When asked what he was proud of achieving, Ronald exclaimed that overcoming the hardships of 2020 was at the top of his list.

When not at the office, Ronald decompresses by going to the gym and listening to music. He is also a devoted father whose 4-year-old daughter motivates him to stay focused at work and in life.

At work, Ronald brings a dynamic piece to the team. With his outstanding work ethic, fantastic attention to detail, and kind heart, Ronald has been an example to his colleagues of what it means to be dedicated to your craft. On behalf of all of CDAS, we would like to thank Ronald Bundy for his fantastic contribution to the company. Thank you, Ronald!