CDAS Spotlights Randy Garcia for his Robust Management Skills

Chenega Defense and Aerospace Solutions (CDAS) is proud to recognize Randy Garcia for his hard work and dedication to his team as a Site Lead. Randy began working with the company in 2022 and has since made an incredible name for himself. Randy has become a force to look up to in his role of teaching and leading a team of six people. His leadership style has helped to drive the many successes of his team. His previous postal management experience has helped create a seamless transition and smooth operating system when it comes to handling mail. Along with being a leader to his team, Randy creates a welcoming work environment by sending pictures of daily life experiences to his team. Randy’s favorite part of his job is teaching and helping employees identify the unique talents they bring to the team. Randy plays a massive role in ensuring a smooth transition from the mail room to the corporate office, and CDAS is extremely proud of his hard work.

Aside from work, Randy is a family man who loves to spend time with his wife, Kimmie, and two sons. Randy’s greatest accomplishment is being a father and husband, all while putting his children through college debt free. His wife is his key motivator, as she gives him the love, support, and encouragement he needs to chase his dreams and be the best man he can be.

Randy is a lifelong learner and uses his thirst for knowledge to continuously explore what the world has to offer. Randy is currently working towards his second master’s degree as he continues to sharpen his mind and enhance his skillset. Randy describes himself as loving, dependable, and One-Of-A-Kind.

Inside of work, Randy brings the enthusiasm and prowess needed to provide and maintain a professional interface experience at CDAS. CDAS greatly appreciates his commitment to excellence. Thank you, Randy!