CDS Helps Marine Corps Modernize Recruiting on MCRISS II

Chenega Decision Sciences, LLC. is proud to lead the development of the Marine Corps Recruiting Information Support System (MCRISS) II. Having Marine Corps Subject Matter Experts embedded with our Software Designers has played a crucial role in the development of user stories and successful delivery of functional software at the end of each sprint.

“The dynamics of having Marines work directly with MCSC software developers from the beginning was invaluable because we were able to adequately describe and display exactly what Marine recruiters wanted in the new system,” said Chief Warrant Officer Christopher Mayfield, MCRISS operations officer for MCRC. “As the project progresses, we have a sufficiently staffed cadre of Marines who gather input from users to keep that line of communication open, so it will help us enhance MCRISS II with more capabilities in the future.”

Learn more about the MCRISS II program in this article written by Kaitlin Kelly, MCSC Office of Public Affairs and Communication, Marine Corps modernizes how Marine recruiters capture data with new mobile tool.