CDS Takes Part in the AFWERX Challenge

Chenega Decision Sciences (CDS) recently participated in an AFWERX Challenge, which resulted in an award to develop a new prototype for the Air Force (AF) Recruiting System.

The AFWERX Challenge takes the defense, academic, startup, private sector, and small business worlds and brings them together to collaborate through challenges and live events. AFWERX is an initiative of the Air Force to fast track solutions and enhance capabilities through deployed solutions.

The Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS) is responsible for recruiting young Americans to fill roles across the entire spectrum of career fields in the United States Air Force (USAF). AFRS partnered with AFWERX to help reimagine their recruitment methods. So together, they created the AF Recruiting, Reimagined challenge to help attract the best candidates. This challenge was looking for solutions that cover a wide range of needs such as outreach, engagement, experiences, storytelling, skills assessment, data capture, analytics, best practices, gamification, creative marketing, advertising, and digital platforms. The challenge had a goal of helping increase the propensity for young Americans to join the USAF, shift the public’s perception of life in the Air Force, and enable the USAF to scale solutions across the entire recruiting enterprise.

CDS is currently working on the prototype for the USAF and hopes their solution will be selected as the next AFRS program.

About the AFWERX Challenge
Established in 2017 by the Secretary of the Air Force and reporting to the Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, AFWERX is a catalyst for agile Air Force engagement across industry, academia, and non-traditional contributors to create transformative opportunities and foster an Air Force culture of innovation. The ultimate aim is to solve problems and enhance the effectiveness of the Air Force.