Chenega Companies Treat their Employees After a Year of Great Work!

The months of November and December not only symbolize the closing of the calendar year but also a time to celebrate the holidays with our loved ones. These holidays falling at the end of the year allow us to look back and reflect on the previous year and the things and people that we are thankful for. To help show appreciation for their teams, Chenega MIOS subsidiary companies took this time to celebrate with their employees. Whether it be through a group lunch, dinner, party, or others, our companies were proud to take the opportunity to treat their staff for a job well done throughout the year and to kick off the holiday season. Staff from across many states and all over the world, including Alabama, Illinois, South Carolina, Florida, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Korea, and more, were included in these team outings, allowing Chenega MIOS to spread our appreciation worldwide!

Take a look below at the photos that we were fortunate to receive from these gatherings! We hope that all had a great time with their teams outside of regular office activities and want to thank the Presidents, Program Managers, and other staff for helping show our appreciation to these stellar groups of individuals.

Venturi-team-scaled Venturi-team-Huntsville-AL-scaled Karl-Erikson-CDAS-EUX-scaled Karl-Erikson-CDAS-EUX2-scaled LaTarsha-Rice-CDAS-ADAB-Group-Picture2 LaTarsha-Rice-CDAS-ADAB-Group-Picture George-Shellman-CDAS-Dirty-Santa George-Shellman-CDAS-Dirty-Santa3 Scott-Spencer-Sumner-SC-scaled LaTarsha-Rice-Kuwait-4 Rabab-Hashim-CARS-Holiday-Dinner LaTarsha-Rice-Kuwait-2 LaTarsha-Rice-Kuwait-3
Chenega Defense and Aerospace Solutions ADAB team - United Arab Emirates