Chenega MIOS Companies Come Together for Mission-Critical Offsite

From August 9-11th, 2022, a group of Chenega MIOS companies came together in Sierra Vista, AZ, to discuss mission-critical matters and how MIOS can better serve its customers. The companies that attended all perform on contracts under Information Technology (IT) capabilities.

The offsite was hosted by the President of Cyberstar and General Manager of Chenega Decision Sciences (CDS), Mike Owens, and his team. It was held with the goal of understanding where each company stands as we come to the end of the Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) and how each company can improve and flourish in the coming year to grow as IT companies under the Strategic Business Unit (SBU).

Of the week, Mike said, “What a great event! It was awesome to have everyone together to collaborate on the future of MIOS and how to grow as an SBU as a whole. The face-to-face setting was exceptional in allowing us to cover some tough topics that wouldn’t necessarily have the same impact and get the same conversations sparked as they would through a virtual meeting. The results of this IT Offsite have exceeded all of our expectations.”

Each day, following business discussions, the teams had the opportunity to explore the history of Sierra Vista and the surrounding areas. Many people took this time to head over to Tombstone, a town just outside of Sierra Vista, known for its Wild West history. Others took the time to go over to Bisbee, another historical town known for its arts, music, and hospitality.

On the last day of the event, to round out the successes of the week, the entire group headed over to “Casa de Sallee,” also known as the home of Jeffrey Sallee, General Manager of Chenega IT Enterprise Services (CITES), for a barbecue. Everyone had a great time winding down from the week through great food, conversation, and some (friendly) competition – corn hole!

All in all, this strategic planning and team building offsite was a huge success and could not have been as beneficial without the cooperation and collaboration of the companies involved. Thank you to all teams for making the trip and for being ready to make a difference in MIOS.

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See our companies that attended:

Chenega Agile Real-Time Solutions

Chenega Agile Real-Time Solutions (CARS) was created with the purpose of providing integrated enterprise IT support to Federal customers both CONUS and OCONUS. CARS employs Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with decades of experience working in the Federal marketplace.

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Chenega Decision Sciences

As budgets shrink while user demands increase, Chenega Decision Sciences (CDS) helps customers stay one step ahead of the rapid pace of change, contend with escalating needs for information anytime and anywhere, and develop and manage resilient defense strategies.

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Chenega IT Enterprise Services

Chenega IT Enterprise Services (CITES) offers forward-thinking technology solutions to federal agencies and the DOD. Formed in 2016 to serve federal customers CONUS, CITES has grown quickly into a best practices leader for the modern federal enterprise.

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Chenega Systems

Chenega Systems (CS) provides federal agencies empowered solutions in Cybersecurity and Data Visualization. Our Subject Matter Experts offer decades of experience working in the federal marketplace and the data visualization environment.

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Chenega Technical Innovations

For nearly a decade, Chenega Technical Innovations (CTI) has been an industry leader in the federal small business marketplace, providing agencies and commercial customers tomorrow’s solutions in Integration and IT. Today, CTI possesses hundreds of employees and dozens of operations, integrating federal and DOD programs and capabilities around the world.

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Chronos Operations

Chronos Operations (CO) has a culture rooted in integrity, respect, and exceptional performance. Chronos is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, and provides mission-critical services in Advanced Analytics & AI, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and Intelligence.

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Cyberstar is a comprehensive digital user experience company that focuses on business process, new software and initiative implementation, user and software design environment experience, and data and cloud infrastructure.

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For 20+ years, NJVC has provided federal, DOD, and commercial customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions for their IT needs. NJVC approaches the work with the intensity expected of a mission-critical IT provider, working within the framework of people, processes, and technologies to meet customer requirements.

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