Chenega MIOS is Proud to Recognize Carolyn Maloney for her Promotion

Chenega MIOS would like to send a huge congratulations to Carolyn Maloney on her promotion to VP of Marketing.

Carolyn has played a key role in Chenega for 17-years, 11 of which have been spent as the “fearless leader” of the marketing team. After beginning as a technical writer in 2004, Carolyn has since proven just how vital of an asset she is. “Carolyn embodies the values that set Chenega MIOS apart from its peers in this market. Her dedication and leadership have transformed the marketing team into a true force-multiplier,” says MIOS President, John (JC) Campagna.

The marketing team is grateful to have Carolyn guiding its way. She is the type of leader that inspires passion behind our work in hopes of making her proud, rather than to simply get the task done. Her boisterous personality keeps each day interesting, both in person and virtually, and we can’t imagine anyone more deserving of this new role. Congrats, Carolyn!