Chenega MIOS Raises $3,318 to Donate to The National Breast Cancer Foundation

Through the month of October, Chenega MIOS HQ held a fundraiser in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. We hosted a change donation in the lobby, as well as created a team for online contributions on the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s website.

Each week, the MIOS team shared stories about how breast cancer has affected them, which further proved just how prevalent the disease unfortunately is.

We are pleased to announce that we were able to raise $1,659, which MIOS will be matching for a whopping total of $3,318 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We hope that with each donation, we will be one step closer to bringing this horrible disease to an end.

About the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 1991 by breast cancer survivor, Janelle Hail. She was diagnosed at 34 years old, and at the time of diagnoses, little was known about the disease giving Janelle very few options to choose from when seeking a treatment. After her treatment, Janelle decided to dedicate her life to helping women around the world become educated about breast cancer and the importance of early detection. The Foundation has been helping women for the last 28 years.