Chenega MIOS Rewards a Group of Extraordinary Employees for the Holiday Season

In the spirit of recognizing and celebrating the hard work and dedication of employees throughout the year, Chenega MIOS organized a festive holiday giveaway to reward a few extraordinary employees with two tickets to an event of their choice. The giveaway aimed to honor one outstanding individual from each subsidiary company, highlighting their exceptional contributions. This thoughtful gesture not only acknowledged the collective effort of the entire team but also emphasized the importance of individual contributions. Get to know each of the people that were recognized below!

Get to know our winners below!

Antoine Addison

Antoine Addison is a Program Manager with Articus Solutions (AS) and has been with the team for just over one-year. In his role, Antoine is the lead for many mission-critical communications. He also supervises and coaches a group of talented professionals on his team. Though he has many roles, Antoine’s favorite part of his job is when he can successfully mitigate challenges, whether within his team or brought up by the clients.

Antoine is a proud father to his daughter Taylor Journee Addison, the adorable little girl shown to the right, and he states that the best way to decompress is by “walking in the house after a long day at work and seeing my daughter’s beautiful smile.” This same smile, along with the support of his family, is what motivates him to keep driving in his role.

Thank you for all that you do, Antoine!

Morgan Campbell

Morgan Campbell, Program Analyst II for Chenega Technical Innovations (CTI), has incredibly been with the team for now SIXTEEN years. Each day, Morgan is responsible for utilizing ArcGIS to provide essential geospatial data to customers, ensuring it reaches its intended destinations seamlessly. What Morgan cherishes most about the job is the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of customers and to collaborate with the talented Chenega teammates.

Beyond the professional realm, Morgan takes pride in the success of her small business crafting chainmail jewelry, achieving the most successful show to date in November. To unwind after a challenging workday, Morgan enjoys video games, Netflix binges accompanied by chainmail work, and the comforting company of her beloved cats. Morgan stays motivated through the incredible leadership that Team Lead, Bethany Tatum-Eller shows. We thank Morgan for her many years of expertise and hard work at CTI!

Daniel Cross

Daniel Cross has been a crucial member of the Astraeus Operations (AO) team since its founding, but has been with Chenega for an outstanding nine years! He currently serves as a Project Manager for the team. Daniel leads a dynamic team in developing and maintaining a multi-faceted training system for Strategic Systems Programs, offering crucial support to the US and UK Navy submarine forces. He values the opportunity to work alongside a talented and driven team of experts at AO, fostering a familial atmosphere that transcends typical coworker relationships. Daniel takes immense pride in the team he has assembled, where mutual support and innovative ideas continually enhance the support provided to the Navy. Though there are many rewarding parts of the job, he finds it most rewarding to receive feedback from sailors and customers, highlighting the outstanding support provided by his team. After a long day at work, Daniel enjoys strength training and weightlifting, often sharing these moments with his 14-year-old son, aiming to set a positive example and instill lifelong healthy habits. Inspired by mentors from his Navy days, Daniel credits them for molding him into the leader he is today, and his friends and family would describe him as persistent, kind, and empathetic. Daniel Cross truly exemplifies dedication, leadership, and a commitment to excellence within the Astraeus Operations team.

Caylie Gendreau

Caylie Gendreau, an invaluable member of Kapsuun Group (KG), brings 1 year and 8 months of dedicated service as an Administrative Assistant to the team. Each day, Caylie manages timesheets, addresses inquiries in her inbox, and ensures meticulous record-keeping. Her passion for the job shines through in her favorite aspect—the people. Caylie takes immense joy in fostering a positive atmosphere, assisting colleagues, and contributing to their ease. Beyond routine tasks, she proudly stepped outside her comfort zone, making significant contributions to a challenging project with KG’s business development team. Outside of work, Caylie finds joy in her love for writing, creating imaginative settings and scenarios to unwind after a long day. Inspired by the strong work ethic of her grandparents, Caylie embodies the qualities of silliness, patience, and resilience—all crucial qualities in her role in the sometimes hectic day-to-day life.

Cathy Glover

Cathy Glover, a dedicated member of the Chenega Worldwide Support (CWS) family for an impressive 13 years, currently serves as the Senior Business Operations Analyst. Cathy plays a crucial part in supporting President, Mike Montgomery, and CWS Project Managers in her day-to-day role by handling various financial tasks, including forecasting, budgeting, financial reporting, analysis, and invoicing. Despite the intricate nature of her work, Cathy finds joy in the challenge of budgeting, describing it as her favorite aspect of the job. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Cathy takes immense pride in being there for her daughter, LaNell, during the birth of her first child while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer—a testament to her resilience and dedication to family. When it comes to decompressing after a long day, Cathy enjoys crafting, watching Christmas movies, reading autobiographies, and cherishing quality time with her loved ones. Cathy draws inspiration from her parents and various mentors, who instilled in her the values of hard work and dedication. Described by friends and family as nurturing, kind-hearted, and loyal, Cathy Glover is a true asset to the CWS team.

Thank you, Cathy!

Chung Lee

Chung Lee, a cornerstone of Chenega IT Enterprise Services (CITES), boasts an impressive eleven-year tenure as the Web & Systems Administrator. Originally tasked with developing and maintaining web pages for the Army Geospatial Center (AGC), Chung willingly embraced the challenge of an additional role—systems administrator responsible for vulnerability and patch management. In a typical day, Chung monitors websites and servers across various classifications, ensuring functionality and addressing potential issues. His favorite aspect of the job lies in the wealth of insights gained from stakeholders, fostering a collaborative environment. Beyond technical accomplishments, Chung takes pride in being part of the Chenega family, finding unique opportunities for professional growth and support. After a day of complex tasks, Chung decompresses by spending quality time with his eight-year-old daughter and assisting her with schoolwork. Motivated by family, Chung’s considerate, easy-going, and altruistic nature shines through in his unwavering commitment to excellence at CITES.

Devon Lewis
Meet Devon Lewis, IT Specialist, who has been an integral part of the Chenega Systems (CS) team since September 2022. In her day-to-day role, Devon plays a key role in assisting West Point staff and faculty with computer issues and internal Azure systems connections. What Devon values most about her job is the camaraderie within her team and the satisfaction derived from helping end users in an environment that appreciates and acknowledges the team’s contributions. In her time with CS, Devon was able to use her vast technical experience to assist in the accomplishment of the setup of a tablet system for a department within West Point, a crucial step in the contract at the Institute. After a long day at work, Devon unwinds with knitting and catching up on her favorite shows. In terms of motivation, Devon attributes her success to her supportive grandmother and draws inspiration from being the first person in his family to pursue a career in IT. 

Thank you, Devon!

Andrea MacGregor
Andrea MacGregor, a dynamic Business Intelligence Analyst for Chenega MIOS but serving Chenega Agile Real-Time Solutions (CARS), has brought her expertise to the company for almost two years. In her day-to-day, Andrea seamlessly navigates emails while immersing herself in projects such as RFIs, Deep Dives, and Matrices, all while staying attuned to the latest government news. Her favorite aspect of the job lies in the camaraderie of her team and the continuous opportunity to gain new knowledge. Beyond professional accomplishments, Andrea takes pride in adopting her dog this past year. After a long day or week, Andrea enjoys taking her dog for a refreshing walk or hike or simply relaxing on the couch. She says her mom is who drives her to continue delivering a job well done. Thank you, Andrea!

Bradley Matsuda

Bradley Matsuda, a seasoned Chronos Operations (CO) member for 2 years, serves as a Capabilities Developer, bringing a unique skill set to the team. His role within the company involves a multifaceted approach, encompassing tasks such as answering emails, liaising with customers, participating in high-level meetings, writing requirements for future Army Systems, refining industry partner tradecraft, and representing ACM-IS interests at exercises nationwide. Bradley’s favorite aspect of the job lies in connecting with and advocating for the soldiers who will ultimately benefit from the equipment, knowing first-hand the impact it will make. Beyond the professional realm, Bradley takes pride in earning the prestigious Knowlton Award as a Staff Sergeant for three deployments of Intelligence work and a distinguished career outside the National Guard. To decompress after a long day, Bradley enjoys playing with his two dogs and indulging in video games. Inspired by his father’s high standards and valuable teachings, Bradley is described by friends and family as selfless, caring, and perseverant.

Kameron Mojadidi

In just 13 months with Chenega Analytic Business Solutions (CABS), Kameron Mojadidi has proven to be an indispensable Program Controller, overseeing project funds, tracking invoices, and ensuring meticulous accounting. Kameron’s favorite aspect of the job lies in the interpersonal connections that he has built within the company, truly loving the opportunity to interact with coworkers and team members and address their questions. Proudly hitting the ground running after joining fresh out of school with minimal work experience, Kameron quickly adapted to the role’s responsibilities. Beyond the professional realm, Kameron boasts an impressive accomplishment—playing indoor soccer for the US National Team. After a long work day, Kameron finds it beneficial to get in both a restful sleep and a stimulating run with friends. Motivated by admiration for his mother, Kameron is widely recognized by friends and family as an organized, reliable, and resourceful individual. CABS is so grateful to have Kameron on the team.

Benjamin Payment

With an impressive 11-year tenure at Venturi, Benjamin Payment stands out as an invaluable Electrical/Software Systems Integration Engineer, tackling complex challenges with a wealth of system-level knowledge. Benjamin’s day-to-day involves navigating and expanding his expertise in both software and electrical systems to address intricate integration issues. His favorite aspect of the job lies in the satisfaction of solving technical problems and, when necessary, bird-dogging or architecting innovative solutions. A standout accomplishment at work includes designing and fielding a cost-effective government-owned hardware/software modem, replacing an expensive commercial radio modem for the Marine Corps. Outside of work, Benjamin takes pride in contributing to the preservation of green space with the Land Trust of North Alabama, a charity that Venturi takes great pride in giving back to annually. To decompress after a long day, he indulges in a passion for audiobooks, particularly science fiction, and finds relaxation in activities like bicycling and scuba diving. Motivated by a desire for a balanced work-life dynamic, Benjamin draws inspiration from European countries that excel in this regard.

Kevin Pointer

Kevin Pointer, Program Manager for NJVC, has been with the company for close to eight years. Kevin’s role at NJVC involves meticulous attention to customer site details, preparing for daily Scrum meetings, and managing various meetings, including OPS and Staffing discussions. Kevin’s favorite part of the job revolves around team engagement, embodying the ‘work hard, play hard’ motive. Focusing on maintaining open communication and fostering a professional level of respect within the team, Kevin takes pride in creating a work environment that feels more like collaboration than work. Stepping into the role of Program Manager stands out as one of his cherished accomplishments, made possible by the support of upper management and his team. To decompress, Kevin values quality time with family, relishing good meals and cocktails. Kevin can be known as persistent, and respectful—qualities that contribute to his ongoing success at NJVC. Thank you, Kevin!

Lauren Robertson

Lauren Robertson, Administrative Assistant for Chenega Defense and Aerospace Solutions (CDAS), has been with the company for close to a year. Lauren began with CDAS full-time while also striving for her Bachelor’s degree from Liberty University, which she proudly completed in May of 2022. In her role, Lauren helps to support indirect and direct employees with daily requests in addition to helping support day-to-day operations and functions of departments within CDAS. She loves that she gets to work with and support people from all over the world! As the easygoing and independent person that Lauren is, she enjoys decompressing by a fireplace while diving into a good book or taking her dog for a walk. Lauren received her work ethic and drive from her parents. She says that watching them succeed in their careers as she was growing up has helped mold her into the employee and person that she is today.

Thank you so much to all of our awardees for your continued dedication to your teams and for making such an overwhelming impact on your companies. We hope you all enjoy the events that you chose to attend!