Chenega MIOS Spotlights Christine Healy-Rendel from CWS

Christine Healy-Rendel has been a Program Manager for Chenega Worldwide Support (CWS) since August 2018. In her position, she manages two contracts with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The first contract Christine supports currently has 37 staff members supporting USAID’s Bureau for Management with a variety of administrative, clerical, contract specialist, management and program analyst, and other staffing services. Due to the continued contract growth, CWS expects to have about 40 staff working on the contract by the end of the summer. The second USAID contract, which has just been awarded to CWS, supports the Executive Office (EXO) of a large-sized USAID Mission in Ethiopia and Africa, with logistics and administrative services.

Christine’s work is essential to the support CWS gives to USAID and their international development and humanitarian efforts to save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democratic governance, and help people progress beyond assistance. CWS has built a successful track record with USAID, and has been able to continuously increase our footprint with the Agency by providing excellent performance and cost value to our customer with the help of excellent employees like Christine.

One of the reasons Christine enjoys working for CWS is being part of an exceptional workforce with an incredibly supportive senior management team that values her opinion. Her team and the CWS management staff have created a very collaborative workplace and working partnership with USAID. This work environment has fostered an exceptionally strong connection with the customer and resulted in numerous customer kudos about the excellent service Christine’s teams provide to USAID.

“Our partnership with USAID is based on mutual trust and respect, and we work closely with USAID to ensure their success, not just delivery of services,” said Christine.

When Christine is not working, she enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors, and watching soccer. She also loves spending time with her 16-year old son (who is currently asking her for a Jeep) and her 19-year old daughter who attends college in the Netherlands.