Chenega MIOS Spotlights Denise Leiva

Chenega MIOS would like to spotlight Denise Leiva, Quality Management Administrator, for being a role-model, and a key example that hard work pays off.

A career at Chenega MIOS is never stagnant. Employees are continually rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the company, and Denise perfectly exemplifies this. After starting at Chenega MIOS in October of 2017 as an Administrative Assistant, Denise quickly began supporting Executives within MIOS and its subsidiary companies. As she became more comfortable with this position and proved how committed she was to her growth in the company, Denise earned the opportunity to assist the Quality & Risk team in early April 2018. In this, she was able to assist in External and Internal Audits, all while continuing her work as an Administrative Assistant. In the summer of 2019, Denise took the initiative to further build her career by completing the steps to receive her Lead Auditor Certificate, and eventually was promoted to her current position as Quality Management Administrator. She was recently a huge part in MIOS’s first-ever 100% remote company audit, and helped lead the Process Improvement Team to success. Way to go, Denise!

“Denise Leiva was a great addition to the Administration Department. She was devoted, cheerful, and always willing to help the team along with any other co-worker who needed training. She was able to show the drive, determination, and skills to comprehend the processes improvement fundamentals necessary to further her growth within the Chenega MIOS SBU.” -Angela Hunziker