Chenega MIOS Teams up to Solve a Murder Mystery

After work hours, people choose to unwind in many ways. Some will watch their favorite TV show, pick up their kids from school, go to the gym and lift weights, or jump straight into bed and enjoy a nice nap. But on March 1, 2023, a group of thrill-seeking Chenega MIOS employees chose to spend their time after work being detectives in Chenega MIOS’s first-ever Murder Mystery-live, hosted by American Immersion Theater. This company hosts an array of fun morale events that turn our brightest employees into actors and detectives. The goal in their Murder Mystery Party is to bring out participants acting and investigative skills to decipher who the murderer is within your group. The real twist, though, is that you could be the murderer and you won’t even know it until the end! Bribery, note-taking, and questioning are just a few tactics participants use to figure out who the murderer is. 


This suspense-filled event saw 14 brave employees question their peers in an action-packed storyline riddled with laughter and entertainment. Each employee’s character brought an exciting twist to the already thrilling story. Characters such as a skeptical husband, a zealous murder mystery writer, and a doctor sneaking his way into an elite occasion were just a few examples of the variety of characters seen in the event that added to the storyline. In the end, we solved that a resentful blogger had committed the murder so that she could keep her secret love life out of the public eye. Ultimately, we saw four employees leave with awards for their outstanding performances and contributions as actors and detectives. Chenega would like to thank those that participated in this “Murder Mystery” event and would like to encourage those that missed the event to join in on the fun next time around. It was a great night of enjoying food, laughter, and entertainment with our peers as we worked our way to unmasking the murderer!