Chenega MIOS VP of Contracts, Sandy Levy, Shares Her Technical Knowledge of Other Socioeconomic Programs

Friday, June 12th, Chenega MIOS VP of Contracts Sandy Levy partnered with Jennifer Schaus and Associates as the guest speaker in the “Get FAR Sighted In 2020” Webinar speaking to Other Socioeconomic Programs. Sandy began her career in contracts in the early 90s, taking on a number of roles throughout her career. She has been a leader on the Chenega MIOS Contracts team since January 2018, assuming the role of VP of contracts this year.

Chenega MIOS is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), meaning it qualifies to receive Subpart 26.1. The Indian Incentive Program, Subpart 26.1, was implemented by the US Government to level the playing field and provide an advantage for companies that would otherwise be at a disadvantage when selling to the government. These companies include but are not limited to, Alaska Native Corporations.

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), was signed into law in 1971 to stimulate economic development throughout Alaska and resolve long-standing claims surrounding aboriginal land. In this, the ANCSA gave titles to 13 Alaska Native regional corporations and over 200 local, regional corporations. Chenega was named one of the corporations, which solidified its title as an ANC.

In part, due to its ANC status, Chenega has become a top contender for government contractors, through the Indian Incentive Program. One of the ways this program levels the playing field is through an incentive to prime contractors of an additional 5% of the amount paid to subcontractors. Another advantage is that some US Government jobs are direct awards, meaning they are explicitly directed to the Indian Incentive Program. Prime contractors can compete for these awards if they have teamed up with a company that qualifies for the program.

To learn more about the Chenega Advantage and Other Socioeconomic Programs, please watch the webinar. Previous FAR Sighted webinars can be found on the Jennifer Shaus and Associates website.

More about Sandy Levy:

Sandy Levy started in contracts while attending the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP).  Her first career in this field was with General Electric out of Baltimore, working on contracts for programs in the intelligence community. From there, her career took her to technology companies such as IBM, AOL, and Deltek among a few others. Sandy’s best mentor was a general counsel for a mid-sized software company that taught her the ins and outs of intellectual property law, licensing, contract negotiations, and other areas of law. After finishing her undergraduate degree in business at UMCP’s Robert Smith’s school of business in 1995, Sandy went on to graduate school, earning an MBA in Finance at DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management in 2003.  She then completed her law degree from Purdue Global University’s Concord Law School in 2012. Always eager to learn more, Sandy is currently enrolled in the Executive Leadership certificate program at Cornell University.