Chenega MIOS Welcomes its Newest Company President, Anil Patel, of Cyberstar

Anil Patel started his career in government contracting by transitioning from an expert programming specialist to business consulting services which landed him lead roles with government contracting, and eventually direct advisory positions to government organizations.  Anil started a consulting firm in 2009, Ajanta Consulting, receiving its 8a SBA certification in 2013.  Its service lines correlated to Information Technology (IT), specifically software systems that supported Finance and Accounting.  Ajanta’s main clientele were DoD clients, including the US Navy, and also became adept at serving state and local public sector entities.  Ajanta won multiple contracts independently, and at its peak, earned revenues upwards of $3 million annually.

As a general manager with Chenega’s Environmental, Healthcare, and Facilities (EHF) SBU, Anil helped win more than five fence to fence grounds maintenance contracts with Ajanta that were valued over $5 million in total.  Additionally, Anil was able to help Ajanta secure a first of its kind Software Environment Services contract with the US Air Force, building a state-of-the-art programming facility in the center of downtown San Antonio, TX, for the LevelUP Software Factory.  Anil recently transitioned to a general Business Strategist for the Military Intelligence and Operations Support (MIOS) SBU.  He currently assists various companies in their growth through his specific technical experience in their service lines.  His knowledge and understanding of the federal business environment, coupled with his vast expertise in technology development, make him the perfect candidate to take the reins of Cyberstar as it enters the 8(a) Program.

As the Cyberstar President, Anil Patel will provide clear vision, purpose, and motivation throughout the company, focusing on the Cyberstar strategy to win.  The core competencies will be well defined, documented, and updated as needed. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will be their primary focus and will be measured at the Presidential level. Cyberstar will leverage Chenega’s proven Business Development (BD) strategies and documented practices to align its solutions to customer needs. The primary goal of Cyberstar’s BD is to develop pre-solicitation conversations into streamlined sole-source opportunities leveraging the benefits of their ANC 8(a) certification. Lastly, Cyberstar will deliver Quality Service that provides exceptional customer experience while supporting the Customer’s Mission.