Chronos Celebrates International Women’s Day

Chronos Operations is passionate about growth and leadership. We are equally passionate about celebrating the strong and diverse women at the core of our company’s success. Today is International Women’s Day, and we wanted to pay tribute to the women driving our growth. We asked five of our team members for their best career advice. Here is what they said.

Meghan Hilbruner, PMP, Director Of Business Development

“I was hired after college as an intern at a small company specializing in BD and proposal consulting for other federal contractors. I mainly supported the writing of proposals there and other technical writing tasks. After working there, I was hired at Chenega Technical Innovations, LLC on the operations side as a technical writer, where I continued supporting tasks directly on programs for nearly two years. When a position on the Business Development team opened at Chenega Technical Innovations, LLC office, I applied to get back to Business Development and Proposal support. I’ve been supporting BD and proposal efforts ever since.

I’ve been very fortunate that even from the very start of my working life as a teenager, I had female managers, bosses, and peers who served as great examples to me. One of the mentors I’d like to mention especially is Terri Austin, who was my supervisor when I worked as an IT Helpdesk Technician in college. She made a real point of requiring professional standards that would serve me very well as I transitioned into a full-time career. I think this gave me a huge head start on my career as I already felt confident in professional standards.

I’ve made a real effort in the last few years to ensure that I not only unplug from work when I finish every day but that I unplug from my phone and social media as well. Setting an overall standard of stepping fully away from not only my work computer and phone but also my personal phone in the evening and on weekends puts me into a headspace to fully engage with hobbies as well as friends and family, which in turn lets me feel more refreshed in general, on a more regular basis.

I genuinely think the absolute, 100% best advice I ever got was from a peer training me as they transitioned out of a position I was transitioning into early in my career. It was very simple – write it down so you don’t have to ask twice. I took that to heart and incorporated it into what I did as much as possible. Anything I heard or was told that seemed in any way like something I might need to know again, I would make a note of in a notebook I kept on my desk.”


Eyliana Guerrero, Program Controller IV

“I am originally from New Jersey but moved to Virginia in 2010. I have always worked in Finance – working as a Billing Clerk, Legal Billing Coordinator, Budget Analyst, and now a Program Controller – somehow, numbers have always followed me. 

I always try to focus on the positive; using mistakes as an opportunity to grow instead of a self-criticism or point of shame. I always try to separate work and my personal life by being consistent; by maintaining set work hours, I give myself the time I need to be with my family and do the things I love.

My father was an incredible source of inspiration in my life and helped shape me into the person I am today. Growing up, my father always had health issues, but he never once complained. He always had a smile on his face and made us laugh even when times were hard. He made sure my sisters and I knew what was important in life and not to take it for granted. He taught me the value of hard work and dedication, and instilled in me a strong work ethic that has stayed with me to this day.

Advice that I would give young women today would be to never stop learning and always be willing to take on new opportunities; this is how you slowly work your way up the ladder and build trust with your colleagues and managers.”


Darline Goyea, Strategic Communications Specialist, Mid


“I began my career journey as a military spouse stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany, where I worked as an Administrative Assistant with Morale, Welfare & Recreation while also volunteering as a Family Readiness Group Leader. In our last year in Germany, I wanted to leverage my public relations degree and enhance my skills. I dedicated the remainder of my time to volunteering as a Public Affairs Specialist. In this role, I wrote articles, took accompanying photographs, and learned newspaper layout techniques. This experience paved the way for me to transition to a marketing assistant position at our next duty station in Ft. Bliss, Texas, still under the MWR umbrella. After Ft. Bliss, we moved to the DMV area, where I explored various marketing, social media, and strategic communications roles. I have cherished every moment of this journey and continue to do so.

I dedicate myself to continuous learning and improvement. I conduct thorough research, seek advice from my team and experts outside my industry, and stay connected with former colleagues. I leverage all available tools to enhance and refine my skills, ensuring constant growth and development. It’s my desire that this helps positively impact the Chenega mission and the clients we serve.

Throughout my career, I have actively sought mentors, sometimes without them even realizing it. I believe it’s crucial to surround yourself with people who are more knowledgeable than you are. Currently, I meet with my project manager every week, and she is a source of inspiration and wisdom. I value our relationship because she is incredibly supportive and encouraging. Working from home allows me the flexibility to be there when my son returns from school. My personal time with close friends and family is precious to me, and having the freedom to balance both, thanks to Chenega, is a wonderful bonus!

The most valuable advice I can give to young women is to seek out mentors both within and outside of their work environment. Don’t be afraid of failure; it’s an opportunity for learning and growth!” 


Bethany Tatum-Eller, Program Manager

“I have had an incredible journey throughout my career. Blessed is an understatement. As a daughter to two Air Force parents, I dreamed of being in the service from a very young age and going to the Air Force Academy. Of course, I wanted to one day fly fighter jets. Although my life never quite took me there, my heart bleeds red, white, and blue. I loved school growing up and have continued to further my education in my career and professional growth. Over my career, I have directed and led several military service groups, coached soccer teams, flown small planes in my spare time (still working on my pilot’s license), taught, been a spokesmodel, trainer, operations and logistics manager, and my current role as a Program Manager.

A true leader is only as good as the people that support them. I am privileged to learn from, lead, and support amazing men and women. My confidence comes from my faith, the support of my family, my customers, my leadership, and my very talented and capable team. Without these people, I would not be the woman I am today. During my career, specifically at Chenega Technical Innovations, I was given the profound opportunity to be mentored by the best! Heather Lacroix, Mike Owens, Joe McNealy, Maria Kazemi, April Lambert, and many, many more…Thank you for investing your precious time and resources into my life. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude towards these wonderful people.

My passion is being a mom to my beautiful seven children and husband. I take time to volunteer with my family in our community. My days can be pretty full, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I know I will continue to pursue greater things, and I am excited for the future.

The best advice I would give to young women is to truly care and lead by example. Pay attention to the details. Grow and embrace womanhood in all its humanity. Encourage and uplift those around you, and always care about others. Take time to focus on what truly matters and work hard. It’s okay to fail, just as much as it is to be successful. Ask for help. Everyone needs a mentor. Surround yourself with great people, and love what you do. Think outside the box and provide solutions whenever possible. Adventure is out there, ladies. Be bold. Be proud. There is only one of you. Be you.”

Heather Lacroix, President of Chronos Operations

“I started my career in the Army serving at Fort Bragg (now Fort Liberty) as an Intelligence Officer. Leaving the military did not change my desire to continue to serve. I have continued to serve our nation in varying leadership roles and apply my areas of expertise in operations research, mathematics, data analytics, and business management in ways that impact our nation’s defense.

I do the best I can to maintain confidence. I work with great people, and I stay coachable. I know that if my heart is in it, I’m in the right place, and there’s no need to waste any time and energy on not feeling like I’m in the right place.

Women, don’t forget the AND. You can be smart and fun; empathetic and tough; nurturing and strong; successful and humble; a wife/partner and a business leader; a technical expert and a soccer/football/volleyball mom. Align your actions to your values and your priorities. Take time for yourself. Don’t conform to what you may feel society expects you to do. It’s easier said than done…but when you are living your life aligned, you’ll give your best to everyone and everything you choose to give anything to.”