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CITES Highlights ACM Team For High Praise

CITES Highlights ACM Team for High Praise

Chenega IT Enterprise Services (CITES) is pleased to spotlight their Army Capability Manager (ACM) contract and the team behind the extraordinary work being performed. This contract aims to provide unmatched support to Army Futures Command and the USA Intelligence Center of Excellence with a company focus on the importance of employee retention.

“If your employees are satisfied with where they work, they tend to perform at a very high level. This contract continues to perform at an “exceptional” level due in part to the quality of the CITES employees on task.” – says Director, Aaron Schwaiger

CITES is proud of its high retention rates of their quality employees, who continue to help build CITES’ success, and they work hard at making sure these employees know how valued they are and how much their dedication means to the team. As they say, hard work pays off, which was proven when Scott Martin, CITES Military Intelligence (MI) of Communications, recently shared a message on how his first six months have been with the team. “I spent 22 years as an active duty Service Member and 14 years as a civilian contractor in numerous jobs,” Scott said. “Chenega is the FIRST company that has made me feel like a team member from the moment I was recruited. I recently had to bury my father, and I have never in my life experienced the outpouring of genuine concern and care that I received from my Chenega family. I am proud to say I am a Chenega employee.” It’s messages like these that remind them how lucky they are to have the employees and support system that they have.

Through their foundation of an incredible team, CITES has received many accolades from the customer on their ACM contract. Specifically, Jonny Culpepper, CITES Research Support Specialist, received extremely high praise from the customer about his reference support.

“(Jonny) is simply amazing,…his knowledge of Army ground systems, antennas, power, computing, LANs, R&D efforts, servers, software development, as well as how the Army works is unsurpassed by any contractors of Government Civilians our office has. The Program Managers’ office relies on him to help mold our next generation Intelligence system, TITAN, as well as support current force systems and equipment like TGS, JTT, GBS, GWS, ENTR, and others. He is also a point of contact and action officer for testing systems.”

CITES has built an amazing team supporting critical work for our Nation, and their success would certainly not be as prominent without this force. Thank you, CITES, for creating such a great company culture, and thank you CITES employees for always putting your best foot forward and representing the company well. Great work, everyone.

Scott Martin
Scott Martin
Jonny Culpepper
Jonny Culpepper
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