CO Begins the New Year by Receiving its 8(a) Certification

Chronos Operations (CO) is a wholly-owned subsidiary serving underneath Chenega Corporations, Military, Intelligence, and Operations Support (MIOS) Strategic Business Unit (SBU). President of CO, Heather Lacroix, prides herself in the mission objective behind the core of CO’s operations; “CO’s core foundation relies on our capabilities. This upcoming year we plan to strengthen our services with new opportunities that fully align with our mission goals. With myself and others on the team having over twenty years of experience in the Federal Contracting Industry, we understand current demands and the agility and innovation needed to get the job done. Being 8(a) certified will allow us to match our offerings with current demands expeditiously. Our team is looking forward to what is to come!”

Although CO is a newly established organization, its 8(a) certification will open the door to a world of new opportunities pertaining to new direct-award contracting acquisitions. Moving forward, their business development team intends to collaborate, target, and perform under SBA regulations for a successful journey ahead.


About CO

CO has a culture rooted in integrity, respect, and exceptional performance. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, Chronos provides mission-critical services in Advanced Analytics & AI, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and Intelligence.

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