Environmental Management Services

Army Futures Command

The Challenge

The Army Futures Command needed updates in its infrastructure, personnel, equipment, supplies, and management services. Chenega Systems (CS) delivered a ready-to-use future modernization & software environmental management service solution for authorized Government Representatives and cross-functional teams (military, civilians, and contractors).

Chenega Solution

  • Modernization as a Service (MaaS): CS provides a modernization environment for up to 100 personnel, to include meeting spaces and collaboration areas and provides the total spaces needed in one contiguous location.
  • CS provides a qualified facility manager to conduct a full range of day to day facility management services, to include but are not limited to support the coordination of visitors, assist in planning events, provide operational coordination between the government and the building managers and perform troubleshooting and repairs on equipment as needed.
  • CS ensures that space provided Wi-Fi, power, and security suitable for a developmental operations environment full production capacity of up to 100 personnel.
  • CS provides IT support capable of performing troubleshooting and repairs.

The Results

CS provides the Army Futures Command with a modernization environment that can support the collaboration and culture necessary to create innovative, agile industrial and academic relationships to support our customers with leading the Army’s modernization efforts.


About Army Futures Command

“Army Futures Command leads a continuous transformation of Army modernization in order to provide future warfighters with the concepts, capabilities, and organizational structures they need to dominate a future battlefield.”

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