Jeff Sallee Spotlight

Congratulations to Jeffrey Sallee, New GM of CITES

Chenega IT Enterprise Services (CITES) has been keeping extra busy over the last few months. Between new contracts, a strategic offsite, community involvement, and more, CITES growth is boundless. With growth comes change and CITES is excited to announce that VP of Operations, Jeffrey Sallee, has stepped up into a new role as General Manager (GM)!

“Jeff has an impressive record of outstanding leadership and a very profound understanding of the business landscape for CITES,” – says Chenega MIOS President John (JC) Campagna.

Jeff has been with Chenega since 2014 where he began as an Operations Manager for Chenega Technical Innovations (CTI). In October of 2017, he joined the brand new CITES team with Mike Owens, who is now President of Cyberstar and GM of Chenega Decision Sciences (CDS), whom he’d known since the ’80s in their Army Warrant Officer days. Since then, Mike has been an incredible leader and example to Jeff, ultimately paving his way to his new role as GM. Through their beginning in 2017, Jeff has seen the many CITES successes on their teams, in contracts, and the company’s growth as a whole. Today, he is proud that their perseverance has led them to 24 currently active contracts.

Just as important, or maybe even more important than the contracts, Jeff is most proud of his accomplishment in building an exceptional Project Manager (PM)/Project Management Office (PMO) team. CITES puts a significant focus on internal team training for every new employee, and especially new PMs. “The talent is incredible and a key to CITES success. Hire and surround yourself with smart, motivated people. Then good things will happen,” he says.

In his downtime, Jeff enjoys running…. a lot. In his years, Jeff has run ten full marathons, 81 half marathons, and 12 Army Ten-Milers (a bit different than the Netflix marathons that we’re used to). One of his grandsons was even able to join him at one of the half marathons! Though he says each location is fun to run in, his favorites overall are San Diego and Las Vegas. Above running, Jeff loves spending time with his three sons, five grandsons, and granddaughter.

Congratulations, Jeff! We can’t wait to see the future successes you will bring to CITES.