CTI to Sponsor October 3rd AFCEA Small Business Networking Event

Chenega Technical Innovations is a proud sponsor of AFCEA’s Small Business Procurement Series Networking Event on Thursday, October 3rd from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm in Tyson’s Corner, VA.

This series brings you business intelligence and networking opportunities, specifically organized for small businesses. October’s Topic: The Runway Extension Act: Whether you’re a small business now or large business that will become small again, the Runway Extension Act is going to reshape the competitive landscape for every opportunity you bid on in the federal market. Learn how the new law affects you, how it scrambles the fight for contract dollars–and what you need to do to take advantage of it.

The biggest change in small business federal contracting this decade is coming. If you are a small business contractor, you have to overhaul your business strategy now. If you’re planning to bid 8A STARS III, CIO-SP4 or any other major vehicle in the next year, you need to understand the risks and opportunities of the Runway Extension Act. The new law throws thousands of companies out of the small business program and brings thousands more in that otherwise would have been considered large. For every current small federal contractor, the new law means owners and business development leads need to rethink their strategies for the next five years.

Event Speakers, Stephanie Mitchell and Brian Friel, will break down the business impacts of the change, including the effects on your competitors, your teaming plans and your own plans for growth.

This event will help you use the Runway Extension Act to provide a smooth takeoff for your business—and avoid a crash landing.

Register for the AFCEA Procurement Series: The Runway Extension Act here.

About the AFCEA Small Business Committee

The Small Business Committee’s purpose is to enhance AFCEA’s outreach to the small business community, grow company memberships and cultivate partnerships among government, industry, and academic leaders, investing time and resources for such endeavors.