Cyberstar Enters the 8(a) Program

Cyberstar is excited to announce that it has entered into the 8(a) program. 

All participants that enter the 8(a) program must be a small business that’s at least 51% owned and controlled by U.S. citizens that have been economically and socially disadvantaged. The owners of all 8(a) companies must manage all day-to-day operations and make long term decisions. All principals must demonstrate good character. Cyberstar is proud to embody each one of these principles.

Cyberstar was founded in 2019 as an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) Small Disadvantaged Business. It provides alternate solutions to improving the quality and effectiveness of business operations. In an ever-changing economy, Cyberstar helps enterprises understand their market data through the synchronization of process innovation, human dynamics, analysis, and the integration of data technology capabilities to ensure functional optimization. 

Under federal law, all ANC’s must be directed by an all-Native shareholder board, and 100% of the corporation’s profits must benefit the Native shareholders in the form of dividends, scholarships, educational assistance, Elders and health benefits, language and cultural preservation, and investments in the corporation that build shareholder equity and provide for healthy, sustainable corporate growth. To find out more about our shareholders, click here.

As an ANC, Cyberstar offers a unique, agile, flexible, and streamlined sole source procurement option to federal customers. As SBA-certified 8(a) entities under Chenega Corporation, our companies’ sole source contracting provides federal customers with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) provisioned acquisition methods to maximize current contract performance, continuity, and scope, and to achieve small business goals. To find out more about the 8(a) program and how it benefits our customers, click here. 

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