Cyberstar Welcomes Summer Intern, Bradley Harvan

Cyberstar is excited to welcome its newest summer intern, Bradley Harvan, to its team. Bradley started in early June with an interest to learn more about cyber technology, computers, and programming.

Bradley is an upcoming senior at Thomas Jefferson (TJ) High School for Science and Technology, TJ being ranked #1 in the Nation for the past several years. His impressive resume allows this internship to be mutually beneficial to both himself and Cyberstar. At TJ, Bradley is a member of the Computer Security Club, Hack TJ, and the CyberPatriot Club, which have helped him excel at computer software systems such as Linux, Java, Python, Nmap, and more.

In his internship, Bradley has been learning a lot about applying his hobbies in technology to real-world situations in addition to other valuable insights. He is currently learning UiPath, a program that allows repetitive tasks to be automated, which fits well with his skill-set of artificial intelligence and programming. He is also working hand-in-hand with the contracts team to assist in editing contracts to give him visualization on the back-end of this process. Cyberstar President, Anil Patel, hopes that Bradley will have the ability to pursue his skill-set further in a one-on-one class to develop automation.

“Working at Cyberstar has been an incredible experience and opportunity for me. The team at Cyberstar has been very welcoming, and I am honored to be working with them. Everything I have been doing as part of the company has been giving me great experience and skills that you can’t learn outside of a work environment.” – Bradley Harvan

Outside of his interests in technology, and prior to COVID closing down pools, Bradley was a highly competitive swimmer for eight years. He now enjoys running and skiing, and with many members of his extended family living in Colorado, we can’t think of a better sport for him to pick up.

Cyberstar is excited to see what Bradley brings to the table and what he can accomplish and learn in his summer with the team. Welcome, Bradley!