Dontavious Williams Earns CDAS Spotlight

Chenega Defense and Aerospace Solutions (CDAS) is pleased to highlight one of its newer employees for their stellar performance. Dontavious Williams is a Postal Finance Clerk at the US Air Force Postal Service Center hired at the end of 2022. Even in such little time, Mr. Williams has showcased excellent work performance and infectious work habits. His attitude and dedication to the team and mission have helped build the morale of his colleagues. Dontavious’ daily tasks include ensuring that all records of accountability are maintained while adhering to all USPS/DoD regulations. Mr. Williams is also tasked with providing customer service to assist patrons with their postal needs. He has also helped prepare dispatch receipt documents and maintained strict accountability for over 28,500 tallied and tracked mail pieces. His boss, Ryan Garcia, says, “Mr. Williams has proven himself to be an invaluable resource in this capacity and a positive source of encouragement for those he works with at all levels. We appreciate his work with us and look forward to having him continue to grow and sustain his proficiency for now and far into the future!” Despite having so much responsibility, Dontavious’s favorite part of the job is seeing the customers satisfied with the service provided, whether the customer is sending or receiving mail. Dontavious uses his funny, respectful, and caring personality to build relationships with his coworkers and the customers with whom he comes into contact with every day.

When asked what he was proud of achieving, he said that it was his continued education and his completion of college. Outside work, Dontavious likes to go to the gym or read his bible. Dontavious looks up to his mom, dad, and godmother, “They motivate me to keep excelling in life and to do the best that I can. They push me to become the best version of myself.”

Inside of work, Dontavious brings a fantastic work ethic and dynamic personality needed to provide and maintain a professional interface experience at CDAS. CDAS is pleased to congratulate Dontavious and his commitment to excellence. Thank you, Dontavious!