Finding a Job, is a Job.

In the most recent podcast entry made by Security Cleared Jobs: Who’s Hiring & How, Air Force Veteran and current Chenega MIOS, Talent Acquisition Team Lead Duane Butler speaks on the importance of making first impressions, finding available job search resources, and being prepared for first-round interviews.

Duane’s Story

Duane found himself in the same predicament that most individuals find themselves in when they begin to look for a new job; “I ended my 21-year military career at the Air National Guard/National Guard Bureau as the Program Manager. Before I joined Chenega in 2015 as a Technical Recruiter, I contemplated my next steps and thought, what do I want to do? Where do I go from here? Everyone looking to change career paths should look within themselves first and become self-aware of who they are and what they enjoy doing.” Duane expressed that being purposeful with your job search first will result in a much more successful transition when you land your dream job.

Chenega MIOS Recruitment Culture  

As Duane explained in the podcast, recruiting is an ever-changing industry. Every applicant is going to have different needs. He mentions that at MIOS, his team leads for the employee’s greater purpose: “Our team prioritizes our applicant’s background story along with their resume. We ask questions about their career goals and ambitions. In the long term, every new hire will become an extension of our Chenega family.” At MIOS, our culture is expressed through our family-first motto. As an Alaska Native-Owned corporation, every employee is an extension of the village.

Advice to Interested New Applicants

Applicants interested in applying to any of our open positions are highly advised to contact our recruitment team; “Do some homework. You don’t want to be unprepared if you get a follow-up call. Know where you applied and how you best fit in with that organization. You never get a second chance to make a first impression; be prepared.” Interested new applicants, including transitioning armed forces members, are highly encouraged to check out our careers site, where you can find resume tips, free resume templates, advice from past transitioning veterans, SkillBridge program details, and our resume review resource.

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