International Women’s Day: Maria’s Story

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we think about extraordinary female leaders that have established tremendous pathways for younger female generations to come. This year Chenega Technical Innovations (CTI) has nominated their Director of Operations, Maria Kazemi, and asked her to share her story.

Maria has been a part of the Chenega team for about ten years! President of CTI, Heather Lacroix, is extremely grateful for Maria’s growth, “Maria is the true definition of what a great leader should be. Her ability to conquer obstacles that stand in her way has been fascinating to observe. The idea to spotlight Maria on International Women’s day was a no-brainer, as she has demonstrated the utmost resilience, consistency, and diligence. Maria’s story of becoming the figurehead she is today is impactful. Her tenacity to grow as a person has been impressive to see. As a female leader, I advocate for other females to pave the way. I will continue to support her growth in every possible way I can.”

“To inspire future female leaders has always been a goal of mine. My life hasn’t always been easy. I was born among the chaos. Growing up, my family had to flee Afghanistan during the Russian invasion and take refuge in Pakistan for a few months; once there, we were relocated to France, where I grew up. During this time, my dad become ill and constantly needed medical attention. My mom had no other choice; in a matter of months, she became the main caretaker and breadwinner of the household. In hindsight, during these difficult moments of my life, I realized that women are unstoppable. Her sacrifices didn’t go unnoticed; because of her, I became the woman I’m today,” said Maria.

Maria continues advocating for rising female leaders among her team and the company. Time and time again, she has proven to be a loyal, respectful, and caring team player among her staff. CTI wants to thank her for her commitment to paving the way and being the voice for rising, aspiring female leaders!

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