Isaac Burnett Leads KG Through his Inventive Help Desk Solutions

Kapsuun Group (KG) features Isaac Burnett as a focal strategist for help desk innovations. Burnetts’ mission is to look into future software applications that will allow for modernization while decreasing the risk among help desk programs.

Isaac Burnett, a Senior Help Desk Lead for KG, a Chenega company, has been part of the Chenega family for five years! His curiosity with reference to help desk resolutions began when he noted that Remote Method Invocation (RMI) Call Script could increase efficiency by evolving from standard methods to more modern approaches.

Isaac mentions that; “my father was the cultivating reason for my interest in finding solutions to problems. When I was younger, we would spend most weekends together helping close family and friends do repairs to their homes whenever they needed. When reflecting today, it’s my coworkers that inspire me to think outside the box. I see how many hours they put into making our current projects run without mishaps. Ultimately, we all have the same goal- to help the customer. It makes me happy when I’m able to build off a team of result-oriented thinkers that encourage modernization.”

When he’s off duty, one way Isaac unwinds is through playing video games with his family and friends; “video games, in a way, allow me to get loose! You can really get lost in the worlds they portray.”

Isaac has been a detail-oriented and dependable team player throughout his time with KG. The team is thankful for his dynamic thinking and dedication to improving help desk systems.