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Junius Currier Making MIOS Proud At HRTX

Junius Currier Making MIOS Proud at HRTX

On March 23 and 24, 2022, Junius Currier, Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Manager for Chenega MIOS, had the opportunity to present with other top talent sourcers on Recruiting Daily’s HRTX Virtual. The goal of the webinar was to aid fellow recruiters in the art that is recruiting so that they, too, could find and hire the best folks for the job.

In this training, Junius discussed his sourcing game plan and how he engages and communicates with the talent he’s interested in speaking with. He also had the opportunity to role-play with another member on the training to show off his mastery at recruiting, listening, and finally “selling” the position to show how working for MIOS isn’t simply working as a number or filling a spot. Instead, it is joining a team that genuinely cares about your learning and growth in the new position. A mutually beneficial role, if you will.

Of the experience on the webinar, Junius said,

“The HRTX Virtual event provided an opportunity to share how I review job descriptions, create a sourcing/recruitment plan, and how to find and engage “passive” candidates. Additionally, I conducted an hour-long one-on-one role play where I addressed candidate questions and overcame any objections that my counterpart had. The event was a success with over 5,000 people in attendance.”

What an excellent opportunity to get the MIOS name out there and highlight its outstanding staff. Thanks for representing us so well, Junius!

To view the video and learn some of the best recruiting tactics please go to: HRTX Junius Currier

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