KG Features Vandana Patel as Principal Lead on their Team

Kapsuun Group (KG) is proud to spotlight their Senior Program Analyst, Vandana Patel, for her motivating leadership abilities that help KG complete mission-critical tasks. Vandana has discovered that being a part of the Risk Management Information (RMI) team has amplified her career aspirations. She has grown significantly in her career since starting with KG, stating, “Learning contracting processes and working on the financial Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) was the start of my journey. The standard learning principles in contracting led me to become a problem solver, which equated to me becoming an adaptable leader.”

Vandana’s critical day-to-day duties consist of the overall support of Senior Program Managers, which include the management of RMI competency, coordinating RMI meetings for all pillars, performing Streamlined Incident Reporting (SIR), working within the Dive Jump Reporting System (DJRS), Analysis, Dissemination, and new hire onboarding. She mentions, “being a part of the team requires fast action and versatility. Our team members are doing an excellent job at being resilient in getting fast turn-around tasks completed. I find it important to learn from each other’s past mistakes and lessons as it decreases risk on future projects.”

To decompress from her busy schedule, Vandana enjoys a few different types of activities. “I like watching Netflix in the winter months, while in the summer I like going on bike rides and daily walks! During a hectic work week, I also like to listen to Rev. Pandurang Shastri Athavale’s motivational/spiritual lectures on Gita.”

Vandana Patel has excelled all expectations of what leadership looks like. Her work ethic has not only motivated other staff members but has immensely bolstered innovation among programs KG currently supports. KG is thankful for Vandana’s hard work and dedication to the team!