MIOS HQ Spotlights James Sullivan, Senior Contracts Manager

Chenega MIOS is delighted to spotlight James Sullivan for his commitment to excellence and overall stellar performance within his position. James began working for MIOS HQ in 2022 as a Senior Contracts Manager. His daily tasks include reviewing and submitting proposals while ensuring our internal and external customers are supported and happy. His favorite part of his job is being a part of a supportive team. Although James is relatively new to our company, his loving, resourceful, and thoughtful personality has left his imprint on our community. Every day is a good day when James is on your team!

James’ most significant accomplishment is his daughter stating, “We moved out of state a few years ago to a school with a highly competitive marching band program. To compete for a spot, she needed to learn and excel at a new instrument in 2 weeks before tryouts. She learned the instrument, made the cut, and has been in the state championship finals for the last two years. Amazed at her accomplishments during a period of so much change.” Aside from being a devoted father, James likes to decompress by watching Youtube car videos.

When asked who he looks up to, he said, “Two farmers I worked for during summers as a young kid taught me there is always more work to be done. Never tell a farmer you finished everything. Their response to that statement was a creative lesson plan involving me weeding a 20-acre field by hand because I thought everything was finished. After 3 hours, they called me in, and the day ended. I always found something to do after that lesson.”

On behalf of the entire MIOS HQ community, we would like to thank James for his continued commitment to advancing our mission at Chenega!