Reaching Success After Obstacles

During challenging times, the Chenega Defense & Aerospace Solutions (CDAS) team discovered the influence Chanell Stanley and Michael Nyok had on their Post Office team supporting the ALI AL Salem Air Base (ASAB).

Over September 2023, the CDAS ASAB Military Post Office team experienced an influx of urgent inquiries while short-staffed and maintaining its operations for a rigorous six-day, nine-hour-a-day schedule. Their daily duties include handling the separation, scanning, and application of proper endorsements, postage, and seals to mail labels and tags, as well as generating and upkeeping required forms, expenditure reports/logs, and documents under applicable directives. All while still managing to conserve financial standards, ensuring the prompt handling of Priority and First-Class mail, including directory mail, within 24 hours of reception, and all other prograde mail within 48 hours of reception. Their commitment to maintaining timelines contributed significantly to the efficiency of postal operations.

Despite the demanding circumstances, the post office plays a crucial role in the military community, ensuring that mail and packages reach their destinations promptly. Both Chanell’s and Michael’s willingness to work overtime and take on additional responsibilities made a significant difference in maintaining high service standards. The CDAS team is grateful to have both Chanell and Michael on their team. Their relentless efforts, positive attitudes, and ability to work efficiently under pressure inspire their colleagues. Thank you both for your exemplary performances and resilient spirits.