Rising Above the Challenges- Terran’s Story

Chenega Defense and Aerospace Solutions (CDAS) expresses their appreciation and gratitude for Terran Bargeron, an expectational Program Manager that has played a vital role in the current successes CDAS has experienced on their National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) contract.

Terran’s journey with the CDAS team began a little over a year ago. As a Program Manager, the majority of her days are allocated to supporting user experience teams, facilitating executive meetings, research, sprint planning, and backlog administering. In addition to supporting the CDAS customers directly, Terran oversees a group of ten team members by handling timesheets, monthly financial reports, checklists, and slides. Whether she’s helping government executives or internal employees, Terran enjoys helping anyone she can throughout her department; “My favorite part about my current role is being a backbone to the teams I support. My motivation is to empower my team to be the best versions of themselves; my wish is for them to be happy, whether this be at work or in everyday life. I love the opportunity I get each and every day to make someone’s day a bit easier,” stated Terran.

Although she considers herself a homebody, Terran enjoys going outdoors to walk her dogs and get a good workout session in! She also likes listening to podcasts, streaming shows, and crocheting, “something funny to note, my family and friends use the hashtag #30goingon80 to describe my so-called boring hobbies!”

Terran’s dedication to understanding inconsistencies among her team’s operational duties and guiding them to perform their tasks more efficiently is impressive. CDAS would like to thank Terran for going the extra mile to help her department and team members become more resourceful.