SourceCon Features Article Written by Team Lead, Junius Currier

Junius Currier, Technical Sourcing Team Lead for MIOS, recently wrote an article for SourceCon, a major Talent Acquisition organization, discussing alternative ways to identify cleared talent. In this article, he speaks on the number of candidates that are oftentimes overlooked by recruiters for not explicitly stating their clearance level in their profiles and resumes and how to penetrate this market of candidates, ensuring you get the most out of your prospect searches.

Junius was inspired to write this article through his passion for Talent Acquisition and wanting to share his knowledge with others in his profession. The “Sourcing Community” (the special ops of the recruitment world) continues to evolve and become more technical as the supply of highly qualified talent dwindles in comparison to our country’s hiring needs. As such, the Sourcing Community tends to be very open to sharing ideas, tactics, and best practices to anyone open and eager to learn how they can develop their skills and become a stronger asset to their organizations. Junius recently felt that he’d reached a point in his career where he had accumulated enough professional experience and industry knowledge that it made sense to start contributing to his profession in this kind of capacity.

Junius has spent the last several years recruiting and sourcing in the cleared space. Previously, he spent several years recruiting and sourcing in the industrial and commercial construction engineering space as a Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist for ColonialWebb, a Comfort USA. He has numerous recruiting certifications from AIRS® and is a SourceCon Academy graduate and possesses an Open Source Intelligence certificate from Ulster University.

Read his article here.

About SourceCon

SourceCon is a part of ERE Media, an online gathering place for recruiters created in 1998. It was designed as a destination where the community could network and learn from each other. SourceCon was created by sourcers and recruiters to provide knowledge sharing and insights about sourcing best practices.