The Kapsuun Group and the US NAVY Launch the DJRS

The US Navy successfully launched the new Risk Management Information (RMI) Dive Jump Reporting System (DJRS) on February 25, 2019, with Kapsuun Group, LLC (KG) serving as the Prime contractor responsible for delivering and sustaining RMI systems.

The goal of the RMI Program is to modernize safety incident reporting, safety program management, and the mishap/hazard analysis processes. KG was tasked with developing a way to streamline how the Naval Safety Center documents data for the diving and parachuting communities.

DJRS is the first application to be fielded as part of the RMI Program. DJRS provides functions for planning, preparing, reporting and executing safe dive and operations for the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and safe jump operations for the Navy and Marine Corps. KG’s work on the program aligns with the Navy’s initiative to create a safer environment for personnel by catching reporting errors in real-time and providing a single application to collect and analyze safety incident reporting data.

KG saved the Navy valuable resources by creating a site that allows users to plan, prepare, report, and execute safe dive and jump operations from one place.

“KG is proud to support the Navy’s efforts to modernize DJRS and RMI,” said John Soper, President of Kapsuun Group. “Our team’s efforts will help the military reduce errors and paperwork while saving a tremendous amount of time.”

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