Venturi Celebrates Their Employees

On June 10, 2022, Venturi, LLC held its first in-person and virtual company breakfast in two years.

With over ninety employees in Huntsville, four in Virginia, and three in Colorado Springs, Venturi celebrated the arrival of twenty-one new employees since January. Of these employees, eight are employee referrals, and four are re-hires.

Billy Webb, Senior Vice President, recognized thirteen employees and five teams for their above-and-beyond performance for its Missile Defense Agency and US Army customers.

John Jordan, President, shared his insights on Venturi’s successes, current mission performance, and their focus on smart business growth that will provide career development, stability, and flexibility for its employees — Venturi’s most valuable assets. John emphasized the resilience of its employees over the past two and a half years and underscored Venturi’s culture that embraces people, mission, and community.

To demonstrate how Venturi employees give back to the community, Rodney Davis, President of Venturi Brighter Day Employee Fund (Brighter Day), and Harry Golden, Vice President of Brighter Day, presented grants to the following non-profit organizations:

Venturi is excited to report that the grants awarded to the organizations in Colorado and Virginia are the first grants given in locations where Venturi has operations outside the Tennessee Valley.

Brighter Day is funded and operated 100% by Venturi employees, and all dollars donated are given to deserving charitable organizations in the communities where its employees live and work. From its inception in 2007 to the present, Brighter Day has awarded over $1.1M in grants, and employees have donated hundreds of volunteer hours on a wide range of projects supporting diverse non-profit organizations.