Venturi Highlights Zachary Sanchez for his Outstanding Performance as a Maintenance Technician

Venturi would like to highlight Zachary Sanchez’s exceptional performance as a Maintenance Technician. Zach began his tenure with us in 2023 and has since proven to be a reliable colleague to his teammates.

Zach recently returned from a two-and-a-half-month-long temporary duty station (TDY) in Guam, where Zach was tasked with leading the setup of logistics operations for our customer’s new mission. Zach also coordinated with companies that provided various types of material handling equipment, diesel fuel, and other hardware support required to ensure non-stop mission operations. Zach received multiple kudos from Missile Defense Agency (MDA) logistics leadership for his ability to coordinate and set up short-notice visits with different companies and vendors.  After Zach returned from his TDY in Guam, MDA logistics leadership stated, “The relationships he built in Guam will ensure the success of MDA’s efforts on the island.”

Zach’s favorite part of his job is learning new things and traveling, and his proudest achievement is putting a smile on people’s faces. He uses his motivating, determined, and respectful personality to learn new skills and spread positivity in the workplace.

Outside of work, Zach’s favorite way to decompress is by having a nice cold beer, golfing when he gets the chance, and spending time with his family. His motivation is waking up each day and being better than he was yesterday.

Zach is a valued member of the team, and Venturi thanks him for his contributions and efforts. Thank you, Zach!