Venturi Spotlights Derek Johns for His Compassionate Work

Chenega MIOS and Venturi would like to recognize Derek Johns, Director of Recruiting and Resource Management, on the Talent Acquisition Team supporting Venturi. Derek joined Venturi in 2009, and Chenega Corporation acquired Venturi in January 2019.

Derek’s daily duties consist of managing various recruitment tasks, including conducting interviews, training development and delivery, human resources documentation, and providing performance management guidance throughout multiple departments. Ultimately, his favorite part of the day is working with our outstanding Venturi and Chenega MIOS leaders. He enjoys the strong leadership at Venturi and Chenega MIOS, which adds value to his happiness and success. He also finds fulfillment in working with capable Program Managers, participating in all interviews of Venturi applicants, and guiding their managers on selecting employees best suited to their company’s values, customer focus, and growth objectives.

Derek is proud of his accomplishments at Venturi and believes he finds high-quality, well-qualified candidates in a timely matter.

Derek said, “Venturi’s retention rate dropped to around 85% during the pandemic, and retention has recently risen close to 90%! Thanks to the hard work of the leadership team, our Program Managers, and our competent Human Resources Generalist Kaylie Schiavi.”

After work, Derek likes to relax with his wife and his twenty-four-year-old son, who returned from college after two years. Derek is motivated by his family, and his parents played a huge role in helping him become the compassionate, competitive, and determined person he is today. Derek enjoys helping others and lives by the philosophy that you must always put effort into your work. Keep up the great work, Derek. We are grateful for all that you do!