Venturi Spotlights Lars Werner and His Exceptional Performance as a Senior Systems Engineer

Venturi would like to spotlight Lars Werner and his exceptional performance as a Senior Systems Engineer. Lars is a proven leader, excellent communicator, and team player who uses his team-first mentality to excel in his role.

Lars joined the Venturi team on April 1, 2022, and has since become an invaluable asset to the company. As a Senior Systems Engineer, his daily duties consist of meetings and engineering tasks while also providing crucial test support for Target Hand-off System Version 2 (THSv2) where his outstanding technical competency has become an integral part of the US Marine Corps THSv2 team. Lars’ favorite part of his job is the opportunity to work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. He uses his reliable, supportive, and adventurous personality to foster effective collaboration and teamwork. Lars’ superior knowledge of systems engineering, combined with his keen organizational skills, delivers tremendous value to the THSv2 program at a time when operating budgets have tightened. As a result of these capabilities, Lars was selected by the Prime to lead his team of Joint Targeting and Precision Solutions (JTAPS) personnel. As part of his new role, he leads a group of five JTAPS contractors.

Outside of work, Lars unwinds through traveling, woodworking, gardening, and shopping. His motivation springs from his passion for exploring uncharted territories, a quality that not only drives his endeavors but also fuels his drive to innovate and excel in his professional role.

Lars is an excellent communicator with exceptional technical proficiency and organizational skills. His reliable, supportive, and adventurous personality fosters effective collaboration and teamwork! Thank you, Lars, for being a valuable asset to the team!